Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Superintendent Promotes February 4th Bond Issue

Grain Valley School Community,

Our district continues to grow. As projected, we have just under 4000 students in pre-Kindergarten through 12th grades, including 1025 students in our high school this year.  This is twice as many students in our district as we had just 11 years ago.  By our projections, we will need room for 1275 students at the high school by the fall of 2017, and for 1600 students at our high school within about another six years. 

I ask for your support with the passage of a $3.8 Million bond issue on the ballot for February 4, 2014 to allow us to continue the next phase of work to our high school as outlined in our district’s long-range plan to meet the demands of a growing student population. Passage of this bond issue does not require raising the district tax levy rate.

We have also identified the need to improve the safety and security of our school buildings and are including work to six of our schools and to our administrative offices to improve our ability to screen school visitors.  Once completed, visitors to any of our sites will only be able to access the rest of the school after first entering the office.

This year’s bond issue for $3.8 Million will allow us to:
1. Construct four classrooms to the south side of the high school, just west of the science rooms added with last year’s bond issue. These will be larger classroom spaces for engineering and industrial technology. The current industrial technology room will be converted to a loading dock, kitchen and building storage, and will include a corridor allowing access to the new classrooms.
2.  Relocate and upgrade utilities at the high school to support the long-range plan at this site.
3. Security upgrades to school entrances at six schools and administrative office building.
4. The completion of a greenhouse on the south face of the high school is included as an alternative bid with this bond issue.

Future additions at the high school will require the relocation of our transportation center and bus lot, which we have also outgrown, to make room for a larger high school school building, more activity practice facilities, and more parking for school and activity use. 

We intend to begin construction on a new transportation center in the summer of 2014, on the northeast corner of SW Eagles Parkway and Sni-A-Bar Boulevard (Barr Road).  The passage of the February 4, 2014 bond issue is not needed to fund the construction of the transportation center, but bidding this work with the next phase of high school construction will save the district money, and moving the transportation operation now makes room for the next phases of construction at the high school.

The work to transform our high school campus to meet our students’ needs into the future is going to take many phases over multiple years.  We want to continue the work of our long-range plan to have the classrooms and other facilities needed to meet the demand of a growing school district.

I ask for your support of this next phase of construction with your vote on Tuesday, February 4, 2014.  The passage of this bond issue will allow us to take this essential next step forward.

Thank you!


Dr. Roy Moss