Friday, November 4, 2016

Veterans' Day celebrations in our schools on November 11

Grain Valley, MO

Students throughout Grain Valley School District will observe Veterans Day, Friday, November 11, 2016 honoring those who have served in the U.S. Military.  Each school in the district has made plans to commemorate Veteran’s Day in their own way.

Any veterans in the community are invited to attend events at Sni-A-Bar Elementary, Stony Point Elementary, Matthews Elementary and Grain Valley North Middle School.  All other schools have special events planned for veterans with connections to students or staff at those schools.

Matthews Elementary - Veteran’s Day Assembly
10:00 am
The Veterans Day Assembly will feature Matthews Elementary 3rd graders performing patriotic songs. Matthews' families were able to submit photos of military men and women from their families which will be presented in a slideshow during the assembly.
*All Community Veterans and Matthews Elementary parents are invited to attend.

Sni-A-Bar Elementary - Veteran’s Day Assembly
2:30 pm
School-wide assembly including songs, lessons, and presentation of colors by the Boy Scouts. There will also be a billboard display honoring Veterans.
* All Community Veterans are invited in attend the assembly.

Stony Point Elementary - Veteran’s Day Assembly
2:30 pm
Stony Point Elementary will host an assembly featuring the Honor Choir and student speakers from all grade levels.  The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will be a part of the assembly as well.
* All Community Veterans and Stony Point families are invited to attend.

Grain Valley North Middle School - Veteran’s Day Assembly
9:30 am
* All Community Veterans and North Middle School parents are invited to attend our assembly.

Other schools in the district are encouraging students and staff to invite veterans who have a connection to the school.
Grain Valley High School - Veteran’s Wall
7:40 am to 2:30 pm
The High School will be hosting a Veteran’s Wall honoring the contribution by America’s veterans.

Grain Valley South Middle School - Veteran’s Day Breakfast
7:15 am
Students who have an adult in their life who is a veteran or who is currently serving in the military are encouraged to invite them to the Veteran’s Day Breakfast.
*Invited Veterans are encouraged to attend.

Prairie Branch Elementary - Veteran’s Day Assembly
9:15 am
The Prairie Branch Elementary Mustang Choir will perform. The Boy Scouts will post the colors at the beginning and retire them at the end. Girl Scouts will be in uniform and will participate as well, leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Student Council officers will present a poem explaining why we have Veterans' Day.
*Prairie Branch families and veterans with a connection to the school are invited to attend.